The Williams Record

Fair Elections

  • Wayne Williams is the only candidate to successfully run elections in multiple counties.
    • Elected Clerk & Recorder in El Paso County in 2010, successfully running primary, coordinated, recall, and general elections from 2011 to 2014.
    • Selected by Democratic County Commissioners in San Luis Valley to run the recall election of their former County Clerk & Recorder.
    • Selected by Republican County Commissioners in Teller County, Colorado, to run the recall election of their former County Clerk & Recorder.
  • Wayne Williams was presented the Medallion Award by National Association of Secretaries of State for work during the fire-ravaged primary election in 2012.
  • Wayne Williams successfully ran the 2013 Senate District 11 Recall Election of Senate President John Morse.
    • Successfully followed seven major versions of rules, adjusting as necessary to ensure voter access to the polls.
    • Praised by citizen groups for providing a great experience to voters.
    • Named Regional Leader of the Year for work in the 2013 Recall Election and motor vehicle customer service.
  • Wayne Williams' elections have consistently been in "FULL COMPLIANCE" with every requirement of Colorado Law.

Fiscal Responsibility

Dedicated Service

  • 2014, Certified Elections Registration Administrator
  • 2011-14, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder
  • 2003-11, El Paso County Commissioner
  • 1998-2014, Small Business Owner, Law Offices of Wayne Williams