A City for Champions

Colorado Springs is indeed a city on the rise! In my four years on City Council, we’ve approved and opened Widener Field and the Robson Arena, opened the Olympic and Paralympic Museum and the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center, and begun the Academy’s new Visitor Center.
“For the fourth straight year, Colorado Springs ranks 1st among all metro areas for “desirability” in the U.S. News & World Report's annual list of Best Places to Live”. Gazette, 19 May 2022.
We are a City for Champions, and our champions are YOU. You deserve:
A Safe Community
I am dedicated to providing Colorado Springs Police and Firefighters with the personnel, training, tools and resources necessary to keep our neighborhoods, businesses and schools safe. I will continue my work with various state and local agencies to enhance wildfire preparedness and mitigation. As a City Councilmember, we’ve added 62 new police officers, 66 firefighters and funded 3 new fire stations. We’ve also adopted our city’s first fire evacuation ordinance.
A Prosperous Community
I am committed to preserving a low tax burden for our residents while delivering economic growth to our city through business development and recruitment, as well as public/private partnerships and investments. I will continue to work with our military institutions and fight to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs where it belongs.
A Thriving Community
Time spent in traffic gridlock is time lost with friends and family. It also has an adverse impact on our economy. That’s why I’ve championed road and infrastructure projects, including the widening of I-25 and the Pikes Peak RTA.
I will preserve and grow our parks, trails and open spaces, while also providing our residents with greater entertainment and leisure options. During my four years on City Council, we’ve added over a thousand acres of parks and open space. And we added more than a thousand acres for El Paso County when I served as a County Commissioner.
I will promote affordable housing solutions and secure the water we need for the future of our community.
A Collaborative Community
As mayor, I will lead a city government that works with our residents, stakeholders, agencies, organizations and businesses to accomplish a shared vision and goals. I will always ensure we have a city government that works for YOU, our CHAMPIONS!
It’s also critical that City leadership be able to work with government leaders in Denver and Washington, DC. I’ve worked with our US Senators to protect our community’s water rights and to amend legislation to ensure our citizen’s utility received the same benefits as those owned by investors.
I’ve been selected to statewide leadership under four Colorado Governors – 1 Republican and 3 Democratic – and currently serve as the local government member on the Colorado Police Officers Standard and Training Board as an appointee of Governor Jared Polis. And I’ve worked with Colorado’s Attorney General to lead the Colorado Unify Challenge.