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Colorado Springs Gazette

"Vote to make our great city better"

"Finding someone more qualified than Wayne Williams to lead our city would be difficult at best, given his experience as City Councilman, chairman of Colorado Springs Utilities and former Colorado secretary of state.

"More importantly, we advocate Williams as mayor for the same reason the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association and the Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters have endorsed him. He’s a proven leader we can count on to stand shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement and to prioritize public safety in the city’s budget rather than the pet projects that too often consume elected officials.

"Public safety is a significant part of the reason Mayor John Suthers supports Wayne Williams as well. As a former district attorney, U.S. attorney, and Colorado attorney general, Suthers ranks among the country’s most qualified law-enforcement experts. As Suthers leaves office, he wants to make sure citizens who put public safety first will continue to lead Colorado Springs.

"Like Suthers, Williams has substantial executive experience. As the Colorado secretary of state, Williams was lauded nationally for running an elections system other states could learn from.

"In small towns, every citizen knows their leaders personally. In a city the size of Colorado Springs, that’s impossible. But those of us who know Williams know him as a kind, trustworthy, thoughtful man with morals, ethics and sound judgment.

"As an accomplished attorney, he could be making much more money outside public service. He is running for the best of reasons: because he sincerely cares about Colorado Springs and wants to make it even better.

"In addition to public safety, Williams prioritizes investing in and maintaining infrastructure. He views parks as a crucial element of his city’s high quality of life. And, more than any other candidate, he understands the importance of using water wisely. He insists we maintain enough water in reserve for existing residents before extending the city’s borders.

"By almost all considerations — and as verified by nationwide surveys — Colorado Springs epitomizes a city of progress. To maintain our trajectory, take the advice of ground-level law enforcement, Mayor Suthers and an assortment of business and civic leaders who entrust Wayne Williams to run city government’s executive branch."

Elect Wayne Williams to continue great progress

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Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 9
"On behalf of the members of Fraternal Order of Police Pikes Peak Lodge 9, the Lodge Executive Board endorses Wayne Williams in the runoff election for Colorado Springs Mayor. As members of this community, public safety and smart economic growth are critical to our members and their families. Wayne Williams is the clear choice to address those issues. We are proud to stand with our public safety partners in supporting Wayne Williams for mayor."
Colorado Springs Police Protective Association
"The Executive Committee of the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association announces its endorsement of Wayne Williams for Mayor of Colorado Springs.

"Mr. Williams possesses the experience to address critical community issues, especially with regard to public safety. We believe his capacity to work collaboratively with decision makers at both the local and state levels of government will serve the citizens of Colorado Springs well. As such, the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association is gratified to endorse Mr. Wayne Williams as Mayor."
John Suthers Mayor John Suthers
Joe Roybal El Paso County Sheriff Joe Roybal
Lionel Rivera Former Mayor Lionel Rivera
Chuck Broerman Treasurer Chuck Broerman
Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Local 5 Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Local 5
Apartment Association of Southern Colorado Apartment Association of Southern Colorado
Apartment Association of Southern Colorado Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS
Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition