Business Development and Charitable Giving

We make it easy to do business in Colorado.
-Wayne Williams
The Secretary of State’s office oversees an entire business and licensing division, and under Wayne’s leadership, Colorado businesses of all sizes have found registration and reporting more affordable and streamlined than ever before. Wayne has slashed fees. Colorado is the cheapest place in America to renew a business, at a cost of $10. By comparison, the cost of registering a business in Massachusetts is $500. And searching Colorado’s database is free and easy.
The streamlined filing process has helped businesses thrive and has enabled Colorado to grow by over 100,000 businesses in the 3 ½ years that Wayne has been Secretary of State! And Wayne recently partnered with the Governor’s office to launch to make starting a business even easier.
Additionally, the Secretary of State’s office oversees the registration and reporting of charities based in Colorado. In 2017, philanthropic organizations in the state raised a staggering $4.7 billion, a particular source of pride to Wayne.
Wayne has also been an advocate for wise charitable giving, including “Operation Donate with Honor,” an education campaign to help potential donors spot fraudulent organizations that falsely promise donations will help veterans and service members.