Safe and Fair Elections

If people perceive a risk, they're less likely to participate in voting. We want to protect people from that threat, and we want to people to know that they are protected from that threat.
-Wayne Williams
As Colorado’s chief elections official, Wayne has worked hand-in-hand with County Clerks across the state to rapidly and safely modernize Colorado’s ability to conduct and oversee elections of all sizes, recently directing the statewide implementation of new, 21st Century voting systems. He has placed a great deal of emphasis on election integrity, and in 2017 oversaw Colorado’s first ever statewide risk-limiting audit, designed to catch election errors.
It’s no surprise, then, that the Washington Post recently called Colorado, “The safest state to cast a vote.”
Wayne hasn’t just made voting in Colorado more safe and secure, he’s helped make it easier for Coloradans to vote than ever before. Under his leadership, all but two of Colorado’s 64 counties now have 24-hour drop boxes for their voters’ convenience during election season. It is no coincidence that Colorado enjoys the highest voter registration percentage of any state in America, alongside ranking in the top-5 in election turnout.