For secretary of state, we urge Colorado voters to return Wayne Williams to office. Williams has also impressed us as secretary of state. He found creative ways to incentivize counties to invest in new, secure voting equipment that maintain paper ballots — a prescient move made long before Russia ever tried to hack the electronic voting systems in other states. Coloradans can now be confident in secure elections.
Incumbent Wayne Williams, a Republican from Colorado Springs, might just be the best secretary of state Colorado has had, not least because, as The Washington Post noted, since 2016, Colorado has become “the safest state to cast a vote” – and certainly one of the easiest. Williams has been able to do this by approaching the work in a strictly nonpartisan fashion, which we believe is needed now more than ever. We endorse Wayne Williams for secretary of state.
Wayne Williams has amassed a solid record in his first term as the secretary of state. Colorado has the highest percentage of registered voters in the country and was singled out recently by the Homeland Security secretary for being the safest place to vote in the country. We urge voters to give him a second term.
[Wayne Williams] understands the secretary of state’s role and isn’t looking to use the office to achieve partisan political objectives. For that reason, we believe Wayne Williams deserves another term in office.
The well-known competence Williams brings to public office has earned him endorsements from left-leaning editorial boards that almost never endorse Republicans. In everything from voter registration to upholding campaign finance laws to certifying ballot petitions, Williams has given Coloradans confidence in a process that is fair to everyone from every segment of the political spectrum. Voters will be wise to keep Wayne Williams in office.
Williams... has turned the office, which oversees elections, business registration and nonprofit filings, into a national leader on election security. Not for nothing did The Washington Post pick Colorado as the nation's most secure election system, and with 90 percent voter registration, the state is also a national leader in potential participation. Williams has done a fine job running an effective, efficient and nationally recognized administrative office. He's earned another term.
Williams brought much needed transparency and candor to the job, immediately making it clear that accuracy, openness and accountability were the new norms for this vital office. Williams has since made great strides in shoring up public faith in the state’s electoral process, knowing that it’s secure and accurate. Williams has shown repeatedly he can perform that job fairly and efficiently, we advise voters to choose him to lead the office during the next four years.
Mr. Williams has been a terrific Secretary of State, pushing us to the highest levels of safety and participation while ensuring multiple avenues of participation for citizens. We trust Wayne to continue to lead the office of Secretary of State...
Williams has done the job well during his tenure, even earning accolades for his focus on the safety of our elections. We think he deserves another term.
Wayne Williams, a Republican from Colorado Springs, has been the secretary of state since 2015 and has done an admirable job. The office has been properly operated in a fair and nonpartisan manner under his direction. Williams has earned the trust of voters across the state as well as elected officials. He has earned another four years in office.
Wayne Williams continues to run a state office that tries to stay clear of politics and ensures that our voting processes are safe and secure. As a Republican, Williams has challenged the president's voter-fraud claims, and he is not afraid to keep alive the conversation about Russian hacking and how his office is working to fight off attempts to compromise the Colorado election system.

There is no reason to make a change in an office that has become an example for the rest of the country to look at as confident and poised.

Vote for Williams.